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【Introduction】:Coin Top Interlocking Vinyl Tiles are designed for extra heavy vehicle traffic such as fork lifts and warehouse industrial applications - excellent for garages as well.

【Listing Date】2011-10-26 1:59:19

Name:Studded Interlocking Vinyl Tiles

Features & Benefits

Coin Top Interlocking Vinyl Tiles are designed for extra heavy vehicle traffic such as fork lifts and warehouse industrial applications - excellent for garages as well.


Studded Interlocking Vinyl Tiles are made from flexible TPR or TPE and clip into one another like pieces of a puzzle, making it an easy floor to install. They can be laid over hard carpets, tiles, concrete and wooden surfaces with ease, providing the sub-floor is relatively level and hard.


In addition to the renowned properties of TPR, the Coin Top Interlocking Vinyl Tiles are 4.5mm thick and have a raised textured surface pattern, which work to alleviate slippage in the case of pedestrian traffic.


The interlock that joins the tiles together makes it possible, in many applications, for you to lay the tiles without gluing them down. (Please make reference to the installation instructions). All one needs to do the job is a rubber mallet and a sharp utility knife.


The Coin Top Interlocking Vinyl Tile is a cost effective solution as most of the tiles are made from selected re-cycled PVC. It is slightly thinner and the floor will require less tiles per meter squared than other options in our stable of products.


Impact resistant, chemical resistant, slip resistant, hard wearing, excellent thermal and accoustic characteristics. 


  • Containers
  • Tyre fitment shops
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Assembly plants
  • Control rooms
  • Offices
  •       Retail shops
  •       Store rooms
  •       Schools
  •       Health clubs
  •       Laboratories
  •       Spinning zones
  •       Lifts
  •       Creche


Colour: Red, Blue, Green, Gray (other colours according to clients’ need)

All colors are representative of the materials used in production,
but there could be a color variance based on the Internet and your computer’s monitor


Available size :

Width: 457mm

Length: 457mm

Thickness: 4.5mm


Colours      To special oder
Other sizes    To special oder
Cut lengths   Yes
Cut shapes   Yes
Adhesive Backing                 No

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